Your 60-Second Break Includes

Outstanding Hikes

Each week features an awesome hike from the many trails visited by Michael. Instead of reading the fickle reviews from All Trails, you can be sure the hikes featured here will tickle your fancy.

Weekend Weather

It’s no fun hiking a ridgeline during a lightning storm! Included each week are weather forecasts for major hiking hot spots across the Bluegrass so you can pick your travels and be ready for what Mother Nature has in store.

Lodging and Dining Extras

Some of the most unique lodging and dining options can be completely unknown to visitors in some hiking areas. When a unique stay or delicious meal is near the featured trail, you’ll know all about after your 60-Second Break.

Gear and Safety Tips

To keep you safe and comfortable on your adventure, we provide gear and safety tips. Knowing more about gear and your hiking environment can keep you alive and injury-free.

Prohibition is REAL!

In many Kentucky counties, Prohibition remains in full effect. You’ll love the Dry, Moist, or Wet note that’ll tell you whether you can enjoy a post-hike pint nearby or if you’ll have to pack your own libations:-)