Our Typical Weekend

Day 1

Out the door in 5 minutes
Grocery stop, if needed
On the road
Setup camp
Sunset hike

Eliminating Obstacles to Fun

There are plenty of obstacles to

Base Gear

Backpack #1

Air mattress or sleeping pad
Sleeping bag, blanket, or quilt
Compression sack with clothes (see 3 season clothing list below)
Sleeping pillow
Wet wipes
Bathing wipes
Trowel or premium tent stake
Headlamp with rechargeable batteries
Water filter
Fire sticks and lighter
First aid kit
Omniheat pouch
Food bag
Long spoon or spork
Toiletries kit
Wet wipes
Bathing wipes

Backpack #2

Open Top Bag

We have an open top Thirty-one bag that is perfect for our weekend getaways. Nearly everything in the bag is food related and for that reason, we keep it in the car and cook in the parking area. This is a good practice to lessen the load back and forth to the car and it’s also a great practice in bear country.


Coleman single burner propane stove
Propane tank
Long Bic lighter
12” ceramic skillet
Shallow cooking spoon
Telescoping fork
Thin plastic cutting board
Sheathed kitchen knife
Paper towels
Coffee, sweetener, creamer
Aluminum foil
Coffee mugs (2)
Sandwich bags
Kitchen trash bags (for recycling)


Food Stuffs



Reusable plastic plates (2)
Stainless steel sporks (2)

In the Cooler

Under the Ice*

6 cans of cold beer
2 cans of cold soda
Jar of pre-cracked eggs
*top with 7 lbs. of ice

On Top of Ice

Pre-cooked sausage or bacon
Resealable package of metts
Chocolate bars
Tub of spreadable butter