Coghlan's Fire Starter Sticks

This is one of the most common refills for my pack, as they make fire building incredibly easy, and they work even when wet.

Jetboil Fuel Canister

My Jetboil Sol gets a lot of use making coffee in the morning and meals at night. NOTE - I've purchased these less expensively at REI, but rarely have the time to burn an hour of drive time.

Starbuck's Via Instant Coffee

A big reason we burn a good bit of Jetboil fuel is because in our household, no day can begin until after coffee!

Mountain House Meals

These are expensive, but they're also delicious - especially the beef stroganoff meal. I typically carry the regular pouches, and if I need to save space, I'll poke a hole, compress, and cover with a piece of tape.

Zip-lock Baggies

For quick, cheap, and easy meals on the trail, quart-sized zip-lock baggies are the best. Just drop a Knorr side dish inside and add boiling water. Use an Optimus Heat Pouch to make it even easier.

Bath Wipes

Whether you use them for a hiker's bath or to wipe your backside, wipes are something you can rarely have too much of.

Insect Repellent

When the bugs are out in full force, insect repellent can help keep them at bay. I prefer these small spray bottles to minimize weight and space in my pack.


You can keep your skin safe and pack light with these compact sunscreen spray bottles.