Red River Gorge

For Couples


Beauty, adventure, and fun - that’s what a great couples trip to Red River Gorge is made of! For this Fall trip, you’ll be able to take in plenty of big views, get off the beaten path, and reconnect with your partner against the backdrop of some of Nature’s finest work.



Sunset on Pioneer Northwest.jpg

Off the Beaten Path for Sunset

To kickoff the weekend, here’s a great little hike to a lightly traveled spot for sunset. It’s a gorgeous view with a good chance at solitude to boot!

Hop's Fork Under the Stars.jpg

Nightcaps at Hop’s Fork

After taking in sunset, head over to Hop’s Fork to enjoy a nightcap under the lights. Plus, pick-up your favorite magic elixir to enjoy at your home away from home.


Sunrise at Swift Camp Creek Overlook.jpg

Sunrise at Chimney Top Rock

Watch the sun fill the Gorge as the river fog begins to lift at Chimney Top Rock. Though one of the most popular trails in the Red, it’s rarely busy for sunrise.

Princess Arch.jpg

Princess Arch

From the same parking lot as Chimney Top Rock is Princess Arch - one of the prettiest arches in Red River Gorge. Add this short hike to finish off your morning.

Hanson's Point.jpg

Hanson’s Point and Gray’s Arch Loop

Catch a stunning vista on unmarked, but easy to navigate trail to Hanson’s Point. From there, finish your hike with Gray’s Arch - one of the Red’s most magnificent!

Music at Sky Bridge Station (1).jpg

Sky Bridge Station

After a full day of adventure, it’s time to unwind at Sky Bridge Station where you can catch live music every Saturday night along with some of Kentucky’s finest bourbons and beers.


Creation Falls.jpg

Rock Bridge and Creation Falls

After a good weekend of hiking, don’t miss Creation Falls before you head out. You and your special someone can enjoy the beach and watch the falls, reflecting on an amazing weekend.

Miguel's Pizza Storefront.jpg

Miguel’s Pizza

No visit to Red River Gorge is complete until you experience Miguel’s Pizza. Sure, the pizza is delicious, but really, this is a cultural treasure. While waiting for your order, take a look around and enjoy the community!