Red River Gorge

For Kids


Here’s a great weekend with the kiddos - checkout some arches, play around a waterfall, pick rocks out of the river, and yes, there’s pizza! Your kids are sure to love these little hikes where they can have fun in Nature.



Princess Arch.jpg

Princess Arch

Among the most beautiful arches in the Gorge, take your kids on this short walk when you get in on Friday. Be sure to go straight at the lone trail intersection so the kids can walk on top of the arch before discovering it below.


Sheltowee Trace Footbridge.jpg

Riverside Jump Rock, Wildflowers, and a Tall Footbridge

Originally built to connect backpackers to Kentucky’s Longest Trail, the Sheltowee Trace, this short 2 mile hike is ideal for kids. They can play in Red River, jump off a huge boulder, see wildflowers along the trail, and finally, cross a nice, tall footbridge!

Creation Falls.jpg

Rock Bridge and Creation Falls

No matter age or attitude, Creation Falls is a crowd pleaser. Chill at the beach, wade through the creek, and have fun at the falls.

Miguel's Pizza Storefront.jpg

Miguel’s Pizza

Kids love pizza and Miguel’s is probably the coolest pizza joint on the planet. Grab a spot on a picnic table and take in the scene while you wait. It’s best to get there a little early to beat the dinner crowd:-)


Henson's Cave Arch.jpg

Henson’s Cave Arch

This is a unique little arch that feels like you’re in a tiny cave and kids think it’s super cool. A short hike from Whittleton Campground, you can extend the day picking along the creek on the north side of the campground.


Whittleton Arch

If the kids still have energy, a walk along the creek to this massive arch will have them enjoying their time climbing up the back side on all fours.