Red River Gorge

For Seniors


It’s hard to beat Red River Gorge because it has something special for each of us. This weekend trip plan will have you on top of the gorge - providing sweeping vistas, walks around and through beautiful arches, and plenty of forest in between. The highlight on this tour is sunrise at Chimney Top Rock where you’ll watch the sun fill the Red as the fog bank begins to lift.



Whistling Arch from Behind.jpg

Sunset at Whistling Arch

Beyond this arch is a nice, quiet spot to enjoy sunset. With a relatively flat, easy hike in, this is a great way to kickoff your tour of Red River Gorge.

Outside Sky Bridge Station.jpg

Sky Bridge Station

On your way back from sunset, stop in at Sky Bridge Station for a snifter of bourbon or jar of craft beer on the deck. Or take a few turns on the swing and enjoy the cool Fall air.


Sunrise at Chimney Top Rock.jpg

Sunrise at Chimney Top Rock

A short, mostly paved walk to the most iconic rock outcropping in Red River Gorge. Watch as the sun fills the gorge, lifting the morning fog bank to reveal pristine forest below.

Princess Arch.jpg

Princess Arch

Without returning to the car, walk across the parking lot to hike out to Princess Arch. Among the most beautiful in the Red, it’s a short hike on wide, well-traveled trail.

Sky Bridge.jpg

Sky Bridge

Here’s a great double arch that comes with beautiful views on either side. Hike it straight out off the trailhead to walk on top of it before seeing all its grandeur below.

Red River Rockhouse.jpg

Red River Rockhouse

Casual and delicious, Red River Rockhouse is a great stop for comfort and flavor. Personal favorites include their kale salad and veggie burger.


Looking Back at Natural Bridge.jpg

Hike Up or Ride the Sky Lift to Natural Bridge

The Original Trail is a tough, sweaty hike, and that’s why many years ago, the Sky Lift was installed. A long-time tourist attraction, the chairlift will take you to and from the top of Kentucky’s most famous arch.

Miguel's Pizza Storefront.jpg

Miguel’s Pizza

No visit to Red River Gorge is complete until you experience Miguel’s Pizza. Sure, the pizza is delicious, but really, this is a cultural treasure. While waiting for your order, take a look around and enjoy the community!