Red River Gorge

For Teens


Let’s be honest, most teens couldn’t care less about Fall foliage. What teens love - what always seems to get them going - is adventure. When you add some elements of danger, teens tend to come alive. Of course, if you’re with them, be sure to give them a safety brief that starts something like, “Listen, people die falling off these cliffs all the time. Don’t be an idiot!



Night Hiking on Auxier Ridge.jpg

Sunset and Night Hiking Auxier Ridge

While sunset on Auxier Ridge is absolutely beautiful, teens will love hiking back in the dark. Bring headlamps and watch for copperheads catching late day heat on the trail.


Frog's Head on Indian Staircase Loop.jpg

Indian Staircase Loop

This is one of the best hikes in Red River Gorge and is mostly on unmarked trails. There’s a lot to love for teenagers here - a sketchy climb (easier) or descent (scarier) on Indian Staircase, Frog’s Head, and an array of unmarked trails to explore.

Miguel's Pizza Storefront.jpg

Miguel’s Pizza

Young people LOVE Miguel’s Pizza! Sure, the pizza is awesome, but the atmosphere here is playful and fun. Your teens may enter a pick-up game of basketball, test their skills on the slackline, or simply crush Ale-8’s like it’s their job.


Creation Falls.jpg

Rock Bridge and Creation Falls

No matter age or attitude, Creation Falls is a crowd pleaser. Chill at the beach, wade through the creek, and play atop a beautiful arch.