Thanks for Coming Out!

Thank you again for taking a lesson with me at Perfect North Slopes. I love sharing the sport of skiing and hope to see you again this season. Below you’ll find some useful tips for enjoying the rest of your day on the snow and in the lodge.

Enjoying the Rest of Your Day

Build comfort and confidence. Stay in the beginner area to solidify what you’ve learned, focusing on improving the quality and sharpness of your turns. Once you feel comfortable and confident, move on to the Green Chairlift to ski Broadway by exiting to the right side of the chairlift.

Green Chair lessons are available and highly recommended at 11a, 3p, and 7p for only $10. You can book a lesson at the ticket window or inside the lodge at the Ski School desk located inside the first set of doors nearest the beginner area.

Green chairlift tips. Every skier I know has fallen getting on or off the lift at some time or another. Getting on is easy, as you’ll just shuffle and push yourself up to the loading stripe. When getting off, it is CRITICAL that you lean forward to avoid having your skis slide out from under you. Lean way, way, waaaay forward when offloading. [trail map]

Take a break in the lodge. Skiing uses all sorts of muscles that don’t receive regular use. When you start to feel fatigued, take a break and re-energize in the lodge. There are plenty of food options, great coffee, and delicious hot chocolate to freshen you up. When you get back out, take another run or two in the beginner area before heading to the lifts.

Beyond the green chair. If you’ve mastered the green chair - meaning you can stop quickly and dictate your turn shape - from short, quick turns to long, slow turns - you might be ready for the Far Side that can be accessed on the Orange Chairlift. This is an intermediate difficulty trail with a short, steep start and gentler ride the rest of the way. Far Side is a favorite among beginner to intermediate skiers and the longest trail at Perfect North Slopes. [trail map]

Tubing fun. After you’ve had your fill of skiing the slopes, head down to the tubing park where you and your crew can take a fast ride downhill. This is a lot of fun and a great way to round out the day - especially for groups and families.

Schedule Your Next Lesson

Many years ago, I fell in love with skiing and enjoyed two seasons of lessons at Perfect North Slopes - going from beginner to advanced with eight hours of instruction. Lessons help you build skills and open up ever more terrain - whether it be here locally or on the big mountains out West. When you’re ready for more, click below to schedule.

How was Your Experience?

My goal is always to provide an AWESOME experience when you’re with me on the snow. The right combination of safety, learning, and fun can make for a lifelong memory. So, how was your experience? Leave a comment below.

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