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Yamacraw Trail Races | 10K, 20K, 50K

  • Stearns Heritage Hall 27 Bridge St Stearns, KY 42647 United States (map)

What’s to LOVE?

Perfect timing. The trails that comprise Yamacraw Trail Races are surrounded by streams and waterfalls - making Spring the perfect time of year to enjoy this very special place.

Picturesque scenes. Having run this race the last couple years, a few things immediately come to mind - running underneath a waterfall, fording ice cold water, finishing across the Blue Heron Mining tipple. These picture perfect scenes are why this race sells out in mere hours.

Hook your friends. If you want to hook your friends on trail running, this is the place to do it. In 2017, Handsome Klatzke and I ran the 50K - our first time at Yamacraw. We talked it up for months, and in 2018, we brought 7 more friends and rented a cabin. Everyone is returning for 2019 because this race is BAD ASS!!!