So much to do and so little time. Such is the life of a small business owner, right?

Unfortunately, the busy-ness of business leaves things like web design and marketing on the back burner - always present, but rarely acted upon.

I’ve been designing websites for my own businesses since 2000 and have watched the evolution of web design go from heavy programming and spectacular difficulty to today’s near-zero coding and tremendous simplicity.

I design websites for businesses that I regularly support. I spend most of my free time hiking, running, and skiing - taking between 12 and 16 weekends each year visiting communities and businesses that support these activities.

During my travels, I’ve noticed so many great businesses whose websites fell short of matching the rich, in-person experience I enjoyed.

I want to change this.

If you have a business that supports hikers, runners, or skiers, I’d like to help you with your web design project - the same one that’s been sitting on your back burner.

In just a couple days, your web design project can be wrapped up, off your mind, and out there representing your wonderful small business online.

When you’re ready to get started, fill out the form below.

Thank you for reading, and I hope to hear from you soon.

Michael Harr, MBA
Creator and Curator of Kentucky Hiker
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