Small, private, and primitive, Woodstock Campground is a nice spot to setup camp for the weekend. With fire rings, log benches, and wide open skies above, you can enjoy the stars at night while sitting around your campfire. When my friends and I visited, we had a wonderful time and made great use of the log benches as countertops for our propane stoves and JetBoils. Though busy when we were there, it felt very private, as there’s plenty of space between sites - unlike typical state park campgrounds.

$20 per site per night
$8 per stack of firewood
(606) 362-5895

NOTE: This is a primitive campground - no bathrooms, no water, no electric - so come prepared. See ‘Know Before You Go’.

Know Before You Go

Cash only. Be sure to hit the ATM before you arrive because this is a cash only business.

Check-in. When you arrive, call Ronnie at (606) 362-5895. He’ll stop out, get you situated, and provide change if needed.

Rules. While there aren’t any posted rules, observe the basics - be kind, be clean, be respectful.

Bathrooms. This is a primitive campground, and no bathrooms are available. So, it’s wise to use the restrooms dotting the area at various parking lots, trailheads, restaurants, and other businesses.

Water. For a weekend, we usually take up to a gallon of water per person, as we don’t drink anything else (except beer).

Showers. If you feel the need for a shower, you can go to Koomer Ridge Campground and pay $5 to use one (pay station is at the front on your way in). Just be sure the bath house is open, as it closes during colder months. [map]

Food. I’m a HUGE fan of Sky Bridge Station and regularly visit there each time I’m hiking in the area. It’s a short (3 minutes, maybe) drive down the street to cold Kentucky craft beers and plenty of delicious food. [website] [map]

Gas station. The nearest gas station is the Marathon at the corner of KY-15 and KY-715. They also have Broaster Fried Chicken and some other food items. Be sure to get there early, as businesses in the area rarely stay open past 10 p.m. [map]


Woodstock Campground is located directly across from Rock Bridge Road on KY-715

Woodstock Campground

Red River Gorge

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