Sunrise at Chimney Top Rock


Overview. We were a bit late getting up, but made it just in time for sunrise at Chimney Top Rock. Of all the places to catch sunrise, this one remains the best, easiest sunrise hike in Red River Gorge. Looking out, you can see Half Moon, Hanson’s Point, Pinch ‘em Tight Gap, Red River, and even Indian Staircase in the distance.

Route Type | Out and Back
Total Distance | 0.6 miles
Overall Difficulty | Easy
USDA Forest Service Trail Map
USDA Forest Service Map of Red River Gorge Area

Trailhead. From KY-715, turn onto Chimney Top Road and follow it until it ends at the trailhead parking lot for Chimney Top and Princess Arch Trails. [map]

Trail navigation. There's nothing to this hike - simply walk out on the partially paved trail until you reach the lookout point at the end.

CAUTION. Chimney Top Rock is the number one place for fatalities in Red River Gorge. Do NOT go past the fences and take care to stay a safe distance from the cliff's edge.