Torrent Falls

Torrent Falls from Below in April 2019

Torrent Falls from Below in April 2019


Torrent Falls is on PRIVATE PROPERTY and criminal trespass in the second degree comes with a penalty of up to 90 days in jail and up to a $250 fine. Please respect property rights.

Overview. The wife and I rented an a-frame on Airbnb to celebrate our anniversary. She’s always wanted to stay in an a-frame, and Red River Gorge is our happy place, so here it was. We really enjoyed the stay and our host was awesome!

I had read about Torrent Falls in a number of places, but wasn’t exactly sure where it was or how to gain access. By renting this little a-frame, we were given access to the property that is several miles down the road. So we got up our first morning there, had a nice breakfast, and headed out to see what there was to see.

Driving out, we passed it up the first time around, but circled back to the gated lot. We punched in the pass-code and parked in the small lot where we saw a number of other rental cabins. Not sure of where the trailhead was, we asked some folks staying in the first cabin and were directed up the hill on a gravel driveway.

Once there, the trail is very clear and extremely well maintained. We would circle around the right side of the falls and eventually make our way in about a 220-degree perimeter around it. It had been wet and rainy prior to our visit, so the falls were flowing nicely, and they truly were a beautiful sight to see.

As a private property, there was a designated fire ring a short walk from the falls along with some Adirondack chairs where you could sit, relax, and take it all in.

Since it was wildflower season, we saw most of the common varieties on display including trillium, irises, bluets, and the like. Once we had our fill up top, we retraced our steps and took the creek-side trail to the base of the falls.

Along the way, we came across a perfect little morel mushroom (by the way, don’t pick these even if they’re delicious - leave them for the next hiker to enjoy) and some fern fiddleheads.

Standing at the base of the falls, I am fairly certain that they are taller than Yahoo Falls in Big South Fork. Regardless of which is taller, neither are big gushers, so you’ll have to time it out with rainfall to avoid coming on a dry or trickling kind of day.

Trailhead. I have purposely omitted trailhead directions to avoid contributing to headaches created for those staying at the cabins at Torrent Falls. I can imagine having a crowd of visitors climbing fences and shuffling around would turn a quiet weekend getaway into a pretty shitty experience.

Trail navigation. Route finding on this trail isn’t necessary. It’s basically two out-and-back trails - one high under a rock shelter, one low following the stream bed to the base of the falls.

CAUTION - Bears. Black bears are growing in number throughout Daniel Boone National Forest. Be sure to follow bear safety precautions. [Be Bear Aware by US Forest Service]

Access to Torrent Falls

There may be other ways to gain legal access to Torrent Falls, but the only way I know of right now is to rent a cabin through Red River Outdoors. While you may not be enthused about renting a cabin to enjoy the area (this was a first for me), I can say that the experience was very much worthwhile for us on this trip. The rental fee was very reasonable, the hospitality was excellent, and the accommodations were a bit more comfortable than my usual Thermorest inflatable. If you’re interested in renting a cabin and visiting Torrent Falls as part of your stay, click the button below. Also, check with the host to ensure access still comes with the rental. NOTE: Kentucky Hiker is in no way affiliated with Red River Outdoors. We paid full price just like everyone else:-)