Windsor Lake

Overview. This short, steep trail has just about everything you can ask for in a hike. Physical challenge, wildflowers, rushing water, pristine lakes, and monster views are plentiful on this shorty. While we didn’t have time, a number of routes lead to the summits visible from the lake.

Route Type | Lollipop
Total Distance | 3.15 miles
Overall Difficulty | Moderate with a Strenuous Climb/Descent

Trailhead. There is plenty of parking available at the trailhead with a few campsites nearby. There was a lot of glass on the ground, so be sure to clear the ground carefully before setting up camp. [map]

Trail navigation. The trail is unblazed, but very well defined and hard to lose. With only one trail intersection, all stay left on the ascent and right on the way back. Also, once you come out of the forest, you’ll arrive at a secondary lake that is worth exploring. To continue to Windsor Lake, simply follow the trail to the south of the lake and keep moving west.

Bears and venomous snakes. There are plenty of bears and venomous snakes in the area, so be sure to use practice bear and snake safety.