Adair WMA - East Loop

Overview. Next door to Big Bone Baptist Church is Adair Wildlife Management Area (WMA). We decided to take advantage of this long dry spell to do some arrowhead hunting and hiked the dried up stream beds on the eastern half of the area. This time of year, it’s a guaranteed bushwhack, so be prepared and don’t wear anything nice:-)

Route Type | Loop
Total Distance | 4.25 miles
Overall Difficulty | Easy (see bushwhacking note below)
Map of Adair Wildlife Management Area | KY Fish & Wildlife

Trailhead. The trailhead is located just behind Big Bone Baptist Church and has about 8 or so parking spots. [map]

Trail navigation. The trails are well-marked, but in high growth seasons, it can be difficult to navigate as markings become obscured. It’s best for first-timers to come in mid to late Fall through mid Spring when the undergrowth isn’t so dense.

Bushwhacking required. From late Spring through early Fall, vegetation outside the wooded areas includes dense grasses, stickers, a few locust trees, and a full meadow of goldenrod (and more stickers). Wear long pants to avoid cuts and scrapes.

CAUTION - Hunting Area. Note that hunting is permitted in the area during sanctioned seasons. When hunting season is in, be sure to dress accordingly. For our hunting friends, just about every time I’ve been there over the years, I’ve either seen or heard plenty of turkey. Once I saw Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving #2, Christmas #2, and Easter #2 all standing dead center on the trail. They must’ve known it wasn’t hunting season.