Swift Camp Creek Overlook

Overview. There are a handful of roadside pull-offs with big views in Red River Gorge. This particular one is among the best with a very short unmarked trail leading to a nice perch overlooking Swift Camp Creek below. It’s a small piece of rock - perfect for couples or you and your bestie.

Route Type | Out and Back
Total Distance | 0.07 miles
Overall Difficulty | Easy
USDA Forest Service Map of Red River Gorge Area
unmarked trail, but this one is easily navigated

Trailhead. Located on Sky Bridge Road, you’ll see the 'Swift Creek Overlook’ sign on your way out to Sky Bridge whose trailhead is located at the end of the road. [map]

Trail navigation. This is a simple out and back. Just look to the right of the stone/wood fencing to find the well-defined trail.

Add a double arch to the mix. Sky Bridge is a double arch at the end of the road and a short, beautiful hike. Since you’re already there, be sure to add this to your day. [more]

CAUTION - Cliffs. Be careful to avoid getting too close the edge of cliffs, as this is the leading cause of serious injury and death when hiking in Red River Gorge.

CAUTION - Poisonous snakes. While the gorge is within the range of timber rattlesnakes, copperheads are the most common poisonous snake encountered. Stay alert on the trail, as snakes are commonly found taking in the warmth of the trail. Give them a wide berth or wait for them to move off the trail.

CAUTION - Bears. Black bears are growing in number throughout Daniel Boone National Forest. Be sure to follow bear safety precautions. [Be Bear Aware by US Forest Service]